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Palma Violets Thrash Against Religious Mania in ‘Rattlesnake Highway’ Video

Palma Violets 'Rattlesnake Highway' Video 180 album live

If you’ve never been to a Palma Violets show, their mainly live-footage video for “Rattlesnake Highway” will give you a slight idea. But until you’re actually in the sweaty crowd while these relentlessly energetic Brit-punks blow your eardrums back into your brain, you haven’t gotten the full experience.

Nevertheless, the video from their 2013 debut 180 is entertaining in its own right. The black-and-white concert footage gets oddly interspersed with vintage clips of snake-handling religious types. Despite the tenuous relevance to the song’s title, the creep factor manages to fry nerves even more than the lads’ onstage bashing. At least the quartet didn’t go around breaking things like they did in the “Best of Friends” video.

Check out “Rattlesnake Highway” above and pick up 180, via Rough Trade.