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Obliterations Mount Sex, Death, and Explosions in NSFW ‘Wage Slaves’ Video

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Obliterations combine the talents of four Black Flag-waving hardcore professionals: vocalist Sam James Velde (also of Night Horse and Bluebird), guitarist Stephen McBean (from Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops), bassist Austin Barber (splits time with Saviours), and drummer Flo Schanze. The Los Angeles outfit recently released their self-titled debut 7-inch via Outer Battery Records, and now they’ve let loose an official video for “Wage Slaves,” a ruthless salvo that targets blue- and white-collar drones marching through their 9-to-5 existence. Like the previously shared clip for the vicious “Kick Against the Pricks,” this just-unveiled short is a compilation video that cobbles together old footage. In this case, director Rick Charnoski cuts from scenes of fiery destruction (plane crashes, helicopters spiraling out of control) to S&M sessions (there’s at least two dominatrixes spotted while hard at work) to hospital visits (note the very up-close glimpse at a woman giving birth). Watch the clip above.