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Here’s Morrissey’s Autobiography Sung in the Style of Morrissey

Morrissey Autobiography Peter Serafinowicz Sings Pages Book

Morrissey’s autobiography, titled Autobiography, has hit shelves in the Smiths man’s native U.K. and it’s an instant classic — in part because he finagled a deal with the publisher to give it the Penguin Classics designation. But also because it’s Moz and the man’s writing whether in poetry or prose is as floral as it is dour, and dreadfully dramatic as a rule. One British actor has seized upon the man’s stylistic consistency and wonderfully turned the book into song.

Seen above, Peter Serafinowicz (he was Darth Maul’s voice, y’all) takes Morrissey’s first page and sings it to the tune of the Smiths’ “William, It Was Really Nothing.” Below, he sets page two (of 480) to “How Soon Is Now”, and writes beneath the clip, “That joke isn’t funny anymore.” Oh, but it’s too easy. Somehow he missed “Sing Your Life.” Of course, he’s got 478 pages left, so there might even be time for a “Narrator on Fire” joke. (We’re not sorry for that one.)

Autobiography is currently available via and it’s chock-full of revelations, of course. Consequence of Sound has rounded up a handful, some more surprising (that he was offered a Friends cameo, and subject to police investigation over lyrics) than others (that he has bones to pick with bandmates and labels, and often thinks about death). Here’s Serafinowicz with page two: