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Milosh’s Wife Goes for an Emotional Drive in Rhye Singer’s ‘Slow Down’ Video

Milosh, "Slow Down," Rhye, video, 'Jetlag'

Michael Milosh’s upcoming solo album now has a release date, but otherwise the Rhye singer doesn’t appear to be in any hurry. Milosh has previously shared a video trailer for Jetlag, the Canadian musician’s fourth album, and now we know it will arrive on November 26 via Deadly/eOne Music Canada. Appearing on the record will be “Slow Down,” a saxophone-accented piano-and-voice plea against hustle ‘n’ bustle that’s supple enough to be titled “Lie Down.” The song’s video is little more than a close-up, black-and-white look at Milosh’s wife and collaborator, Alexa Nikolas, as she drives a car and intense emotions play across her face.

In a statement to Pitchfork, who first posted the clip, Milosh says the album “is an expression of my deep love for my wife, my happiness and excitement for a new place in my life, my sadness or fear of stepping out of my old life.” He adds, “Jetlag is about dancing between two worlds simultaneously, learning about myself through the process and ultimately making a choice to be with someone, to fully commit to that life even though it’s on the other side of the world.” A commitment like that surely requires patience. Viewers will be subtly rewarded here.