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Dr. Luke Lost a Bet to Miley Cyrus and Bought Her a $10,000 Toilet

Miley Cyrus performing on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Do you ever make silly bets with your friends? If you do, you might wager $10 or $20 or lunch or something like that, and you probably forget to pay the bet off anyway. What you almost certainly don’t do is wager a $10,000 toilet, because you are almost certainly not either Miley Cyrus or super-producer Dr. Luke. Although if you are Dr. Luke, then you soon will be dropping ten racks on a hunk of metal and plastic where Billy Ray’s daughter will drop her shit (you know, aside from on the stage at the MTV VMA show).

This fantastic little tidbit comes from a New Yorker profile (via Complex) of ?ukasz Sebastian Gottwald, the mastermind behind god knows how many hits from the likes of Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Avril Lavigne amongst multiple dozens of others. According to the piece, Luke wasn’t convinced that Cyrus’ current Bangerz single “Wrecking Ball” was a “smash.” Cyrus countered by convincing Luke to buy her a $10,000 Numi toilet if the song went #1, which it did in mid-September in the wake of the Terry Richardson-directed, sledgehammer-licking video.

Cyrus punctuated the anecdote by saying “I’ll think of him every time I go,” and there are certainly worst indignities than that. Like, for instance, letting Terry Richardson see you naked. Anyhow, it’s a nice little bet between friends with a pretty hilarious outcome … for us to poop on.