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Moodbuds: Microsoft Designing Headphones That Read Your Vibes

Microsoft Mood Headphones Earbuds Music Septimu

Microsoft is working on headphones that automatically play music to match their wearer’s mood. Tentatively dubbed Septimu, the earbuds would use a thermometer, internal measurement units, and audio detection in order to determine — respectively — your temperature, activity level, and heart rate. All this according to a research page on the Microsoft website.

The project falls under the umbrella of LifeX, a branch of the company that aims to provide mobile phone-integrated solutions for people “conscious of their everyday health and wellness conditions.” They posit that using earbuds thusly designed opens the way for apps that take note of posture, or that keep a health diary on your behalf, or that coach you through exercise routines. Also: “remote doctoring.”

But back to the music: “It also explores the power of music and study the affectiveness of different types of music for particular moods. It further leverages the social network to recommend music to users, given a specific goal.” So maybe their is some sort of correlation between jocks and “mainstream indie,” as Fucked Up singer Damien Abraham recently noted. Subtext: Septimu will know when you crybate.