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Watch Lil Bub Man the Boards for the Breeders’ Kelley Deal

Lil Bub Breeders Kelley Deal Big Show Video Episode Shirtcrush

We understand that when you see the words “Lil Bub” and “Breeders” in the same sentence, your mind goes wild with the possibilities of owning your own tiny version of the (already tiny) celebrity cat, but you’re just gonna have to settle for second best — which is actually quite freaking awesome. Above you’ll find episode four of Lil BUB’s Big SHOW, which features none other than Kelley Deal, solo shredder and lead guitarist for SPIN cover stars the Breeders.

Two weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised to find legendary producer Steve Albini in the interview seat. This time, the special guest gets to visit the studio with Bub on the boards. After Deal calls in, she asks the famous feline to produce her new single, and Bub abides. Using “science and magic,” she beams the Breeder into the booth, and provides a band. The result is a song called “Shirtcrush,” which can be purchased on iTunes.

Bub’s no slouch — after all, her “dude” is studio owner Mike Bridavsky. Just beware: this cat uses the “kids” effect like Christopher Walken uses the cowbell.