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Stream Katy Perry’s Pop-Mainlining ‘Prism’ Album

Katy Perry, 'Prism,' album, stream

If a “monoculture” still exists in pop, then Katy Perry is surely its most devoted avatar. Justin Timberlake strives for luxury-car-owner approval with epic song lengths and pitter-pattering Timbaland space-scapes, Miley Cyrus still manages to provoke, but only Perry could be the perfect object of snob derision in a recent episode of The Mindy Project (“It’s like if we were talking about music and you said your favorite singer was Katy Perry,” a romantic interest says, after the star cites Monet as a favorite painter). But being a common taste doesn’t mean Perry is a deluded one, and with collaborators such as Dr. Luke and Max Martin, she has a proven track record of mega-hits — are people really still resisting “California Gurls”? “Teenage Dream”? In any event, Perry’s new album Prism arrives October 22 via Capitol, and she is streaming the whole album. We’ve already posted first single “Roar” and Juicy J collaboration “Dark Horse”; check out the full LP below. Just be sure you’re ready to hear John Mayer’s lady friend sing, “I feel my lotus bloom.” On first listen, it’s probably worth the risk; after all, that Mindy episode (spoiler) also ends with an acoustic-Perry-cover serenade.