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Kanye West Sentenced for Sparring With Paparazzo

kanye west, daniel ramos, sentencing

Kanye West has been officially sentenced for his July 19 altercation with a paparazzo outside a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. As Stereogum points out (via TMZ), West won’t do any jail time, but he has been ordered to keep 10 yards away from videographer Daniel Ramos at all times. He was charged with misdemeanors of battery and attempted grand theft back in September with a potential punishment of serving up to a year in prison. West’s arraignment was originally scheduled for October 10, but criminal defense lawyer Blair Berk appeared in court on Kanye’s behalf on Monday, October 7, to receive the sentencing, as well as all of the information prosecutors had on the case.

The judge ordered that the files be turned over, passed sentencing on the Yeezus MC, and then advised prosecutors that Ramos also steer clear of Mr. West. (Remember: Don’t talk to Kanye.) The judge also reportedly urged both parties should refrain from “self-help,” meaning violence. Prosecutors asked that Kanye be forced to attend anger management courses as a condition of bail, which prompted a scoff from the judge, who refused. Maybe the judge bought into Kanye’s love-fest on Kris a few months back? 

While the criminal case has now been settled, West still faces a lawsuit from Ramos, who is being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. As seen in the video footage below, West lunged at the cameraman while leaving LAX and attempted to wrestle his equipment away from him.  Allred has accused Kanye of assault, battery, negligence, and interference with Ramos’ civil rights.