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Watch Juicy J’s Stoned Fever Dream ‘All I Blow Is Loud’

Juicy J, All I Blow Is Loud, video

The video for Juicy J’s “All I Blow Is Loud” starts off fairly plainly before devolving into a barely coherent yet nonetheless compelling mess. The first thing we see is standard: Juicy J in a dark room smoking a joint, which … duh, this is a Juicy J song about smoking weed (though aren’t they all?). But as the clip progresses, we see Juicy get his palm read by a woman who later ends up in a bathtub à la the cover of his new album Stay Trippy, as well as cut-in scenes featuring an armed robbery, and others showing headless and legless mannequins. If you can decipher any of this you probably smoke as much pot as Juicy, and you should be proud of yourself.

Maybe the video is a conscious turn towards the dark for the founding member of Three 6 Mafia who is now featured on two star-kissed pop singles: “23” along with Miley Cyrus and “Dark Horse” with Katy Perry. Or maybe it’s a nod toward Three 6’s horrorcore roots — as we learned in our profile of Juicy, he likes to remind himself of where he came from. These days, his former crew-mates do as well. Check out Da Mafia 6ix’s “Go Hard” when you’ve come down from what’s above.