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‘Kimmel’ Makes Jared Leto and Lil Wayne Read Their Own ‘Mean Tweets’

Pharrell, Selena Gomez, Big Sean and more face the music on Twitter

Kanye West doesn’t find Jimmy Kimmel Live all that funny, but his recent flap with the late night host has inspired a truly hilarious bit. Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” series typically finds celebrities reading the most insulting and often vulgar Twitter comments lobbed their way. In honor of West’s appearance on the show Wednesday night, the latest installment featured an all-musician cast.

Ever want to hear Big Sean call himself “a big fucking douche”? Or see John Legend confronted with the theory that he cries after sex? Or witness Hootie (of the Blowfish) read the phrase “I’d rather hear Morgan Freeman talk me through masturbation than hear Darius Rucker sing a power ballad”? Do you, once and for all, wish someone would tell Jared Leto to go suck a — well, you know. Obviously the answer to all these questions is, “Yes.”

There is much more where those came from, including 2 Chainz seeming legitimately sad that someone said he looked like Whoopi Goldberg. It’s okay, 2 Chainz, your “Me Time” album is awesome. But you win this round, Jimmy Kimmel.