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Hear Jensen Sportag’s Woozily Seductive ‘Rain Code’

Jensen Sportag 'Rain Code' Stream

You wouldn’t necessarily guess that Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig are from Nashville. The music they record as Jensen Sportag — the name’s a tribute, apparently, to a fictional (?) ex-tennis pro and avant-garde composer from Denmark — conjures gauzy images of a timeless neverzone where contemporary R&B and ’80s Skinemax B-roll intermingle with glitched-out ambient music, like some delirious three-way between R. Kelly, Luomo, and the Durutti Column.

They’ve come a long way from the Chromeo-plated electro-funk of their 2006 debut, which featured songs like “Japanese Zombie Schoolgirls” and a cameo (and genitalia-baring cover art) from Ariel Pink. Their new album, Stealth of Days, is a kaleidoscope dreamscape with an extra-heavy layer of Vaseline smeared across the lens — a quality immediately apparent from the creamy vocoders and endless reverb of “Rain Code,” the LP’s woozy opening cut.

Stealth of Days is out November 12 on Cascine; listen to “Rain Code” in full below, and keep an eye out for remixes of the same from Fennesz and Burnt Friedman.