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Hear Jeffrey Novak’s Squealing ‘Pictures on a Screen’

Jeffrey Novak 'Pictures On A Screen' Stream

When Jeffrey Novak isn’t leading rag-tag garage rock crew Cheap Time, he releases solo records under his own name. On November 19, the Nashvillian will drop his third such effort, Lemon Kid, through Trouble in Mind Records. With the new LP comes “Pictures on a Screen,” a rich yet crudely recorded confection that stitches together squealing fuzz, flute-like melodic flourishes, and a scratchy interlude. Listen to the advance track below and scroll further for the track list to Lemon Kid. And also keep an eye out for Cheap Time’s next album, Exit Smiles, which also arrives on November 19 via In The Red Records.

Lemon Kid track list: 

1. “Endless Repetition” 
2. “String Around the Waistband” 
3. “Night for a Day” 
4. “Unfinished Memory” 
5. “Heritage Towers” 
6. “German Orange” 
7. “Losing Charm” 
8. “Pictures on a Screen” 
9. “Lemon Kid” 
10. “Now and Forever”