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Songs: Ohia’s Classic ‘Magnolia Electric Co.’ Gets Bonus-Packed Reissue

Jason Molina Songs:Ohia 'Magnolia Electric Co.' Reissue

Following Jason Molina’s untimely death in March, the late singer-songwriter’s back-catalogue has seen a number of reissues. An album by his high school punk band the Spineriders was re-released on cassette, and 1997’s Hecla & Griper EP, recorded under his Songs: Ohia moniker, was given the deluxe treatment featuring four bonus cuts.

Now Secretly Canadian will repackage what’s widely regarded as the alt-country great’s best work — his seventh and final Songs: Ohia album, 2003’s Magnolia Electric Co. The two-disc 10th anniversary set will feature the original eight tracks, two full-song studio-outtakes, and nine demos. The double-LP version of the reissue includes the two bonus tracks, “The Big Game Is Every Night” and “Whip Poor Will,” on a 10-inch vinyl single. The album is due out November 12, and you can stream both the original and demo versions of  “Farewell Transmission” below.

Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. reissue track list:

Disc One
1. “Farewell Transmission
2. “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost
3. “Just Be Simple
4. “Almost Was Good Enough
5. “The Old Black Hen
6. “Peoria Lunch Box Blues
7. “John Henry Split My Heart
8. “Hold On Magnolia
9. “The Big Game Is Every Night (Bonus)
10. “Whip Poor Will (Bonus)

Disc Two
1. “Farewell Transmission” (Demo)
2. “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost” (Demo)
3. “Just Be Simple” (Demo)
4. “The Old Black Hen” (Demo)
5. “Peoria Lunch Box Blues” (Demo)
6. “John Henry Split My Heart” (Demo)
7. “Hold On Magnolia” (Demo)
8. “The Big Game Is Every Night” (Demo)
9. “Whip Poor Will” (Demo)