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Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s Broken Bells Join the ‘Disco’ Party

broken bells, after the disco, trailer

Broken Bells are back. James Mercer, mastermind behind the Shins, and Danger Mouse, superstar producer extraordinaire, are reviving their collaborative Broken Bells project to follow-up their 2010 self-titled debut album. Details on the upcoming LP are scant, but we know the title — After the Disco — and the tentative release date: January 2014. News of the full-length sequel came via the official Broken Bells website, which is currently hosting a teaser trailer for the record. 

The minute-long video features shots of Mercer and Mouse posing in the desert and chilling out in a floating fortress that hangs high above the dusky flatlands. Broken Bells’ cinematic bravado is scored by what sounds like a glitzy new song, making the whole clip eerily similar to Chromeo’s recent promo for their forthcoming album, White Women. Guess they’re all drawing from the same Random Access Memories

In the years since Broken Bells dropped, Mercer let loose the fourth Shins album, last year’s underrated Port of Morrow, while Danger Mouse busied himself by working on a number of releases, most notably the Black Keys’ 2011 El Camino, and the spaghetti Western-inspired Rome with film composer Daniele Luppi. Prep for After the Disco by watching the LP’s trailer above, and then dive into disco’s glory years by reading SPIN’s recent feature, The 30 Best Disco Songs That Every Millennial Should Know