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Hunters Throw a Patriotic Redneck Party in ‘Narcissist’ Video

Hunters 'Narcissist' Video self-titled album Mom and pop records

As SPIN learned last year, the principal members of Hunters aren’t of the redneck persuasion, but you might think otherwise once you see their video for “Narcissist.” To celebrate their just-released self-titled debut album, the garage-punk quartet enlisted a group of people to go out to a field and smash the crap out of an old station wagon while a woman runs around it with an American flag.

It’s a diverse cast of characters, and most of them don’t look like the kind you’d invite over for Easter. For instance, there’s the absurd image of a buff dude doing pushups with a cigarette-puffing woman sitting on his back, all while a dead body floats in the lake behind them. While it’s more interesting, this clip definitely doesn’t sport the peaceful beauty of the Brooklyn band’s synchronized-swimming “Seizure” video.

Hunters’ debut is out now via Mom + Pop. Sledgehammers not included.