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Hear the Saddest Landscape’s Furious Post-Hardcore Assault ‘Loss Will Find Us’

saddest landscape, loss will find us

Post-hardcore unit the Saddest Landscape are teaming up with fellow noise-makers My Fictions for a split EP dubbed When You Are Close, I Am Gone. Due November 12 via Topshelf Records, the three-track effort collects a previously unreleased track from each outfit, in addition to a 13-minute collaborative song featuring both bands. BrooklynVegan recently debuted My Fictions’ contribution, “You Never Stay,” and now SPIN has the premiere of the Saddest Landscape’s tune, the relentless “Loss Will Find Us.” Stream the throat-shredding war cry above, pre-order the When You Are Close, I Am Gone EP through Topshelf, and scroll down to read what the Saddest Landscape singer-guitarist Andy Madox told SPIN about the project: 

From The Saddest Landscape’s end we have done a fair amount of splits over the years and we wanted to approach this one a little differently compared to the traditional one band per side of a 7-inch record, and it was this thought process that eventually lead to the collaborative aspect. The record is centered around a 13 minute track that has My Fictions writing the first third, the two bands entirely overlapping in the middle section and the Saddest Landscape finishing the last third. The theme of the record is ‘When You Are Close, I Am Gone,’ it is a phrase I came up with that encapsulates what the songs are about for me, so both myself and Bryan [Carifio] from My Fictions wrote our version of that. In the end though it really just came down to two bands of friends who inspire each other and a desire to push ourselves to try something new, we think it worked and are excited/proud to share it with everyone.