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Guided By Voices’ Drummer Puts Kit on eBay for As-Yet-Unbiddable Amount

Guided By Voices, drum set, drum kit, 'Alien Lanes,' 'Bee Thousand,' eBay, auction, $55,000,

Guided By Voices have famously made a career of achieving classic-rock glory on a beer-guzzling, home-recording Midwestern indie band’s budget. Their drummer, Kevin Fennell, must be hoping for a diehard GBV fan out there with a somewhat fatter wallet. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Fennell has put up his drum kit on eBay. Starting bid: $55,000.

The drums have some priceless history associated with them, as they appeared on such landmark GBV albums as Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes, as well as more recent LPs English Little League, The Bears for Lunch, and the Essential Let’s Go Eat the Factory. The set of two toms, a bass drum, multiple cymbals, and a foot pedal also served on three U.S. and three European tours, plus gigs at Central Park SummerStage and The Daily Show. Fenning will deliver the kit himself anywhere in the continental United States. The listing adds, “And if you’re nice he might just jam with you.”

There are no bids yet at the time of this post, but it could be everyone is waiting to rush in their bids right before the offer closes on October 24. Calling all lo-fi high rollers….