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Four Tet Weaves Voices Into Minimalist Benefit Opus With Jarvis Cocker, No Age, More

Everything Is New, Boats, Sun Choir, Four Tet, "Gillie Amma, I Love You," stream

A pair of talent-stuffed compilations are on the way that will benefit children in southeast India, and Four Tet’s contribution is streaming now.

The Everything Is New project will release Sun Choir and BOATS (no relation) on January 20 via Scotland’s Transgressive North. For Sun Choir, the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doesone, author Irvine Welsh, White Hinterland, and more sang with an Indian children’s choir and the Scottish band Marriam. For BOATS, artists including Four Tet, Dan Deacon, No Age, Taken by Trees, Deerhoof, Califone, and Gang Gang Dance made new tracks from samples of the children’s choir.

Proceeds from the two compilations will go to Scottish Love in Action, a charity that offers food, clothes, housing, education, and medical care to more than 500 children. The group helps those children by funding the Light of Love Home and School in southeast India. Kids from Light of Love make up the children’s choir on the compilations — that’s why they’re called the Light of Love Children’s Choir.

For a preview of the project, listen to Four Tet’s “Gillie Amma, I Love You,” which loops and layers children’s voices amid synths for nearly six minutes of mesmerizing minimalism. Also below is a video explaining the project.


BOATS track list:

Disc 1:
1. Rustie – “Boatsss”
2. Max Tundra – “You, The Living”
3. doseone – “Weight in Song”
4. White Hinterland – “Like a Dove”
5. Taken By Trees – “In Love This Time”
6. Capybara – “Angelo”
7. Ramona Falls – “On the Line”
8. Son Lux – “My Father’s Children”
9. Matthewdavid – “Music Will Change the World”
10 The Ruby Suns – “You Can Talk”
11 No Age – “Birds Song”
12 Deerhoof – “Play the Hand”
13 Califone – “Those Mountains Are God’s Teeth”
14 Four Tet – “Gillie Amma, I Love You”

Disc 2:
1. Dan Deacon – “Glace Voices”
2. Lucky Dragons – “Between Suns”
3. High Places – “Future’s Just Ahead”
4. Keepaway – “You’re Silk”
5. YACHT – “Icarus Complex”
6. El Guincho – “Botes”
7. Sun Airway – “Blue City / Sun City”
8. rRoxymore – “Ask Iru”
9. A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Hey Tiger!”
10 Bear in Heaven – “The Green”
11 Slanter – “Sarsaparilla”
12 Gang Gang Dance – “Upside Dawn”
13 Julian Lynch – “Naava”
14 Physical Forms – “Sound Lie”
15 Marram – “Transgressor” (feat. Jamie Stewart)

Sun Choir track list:
1. “Icarus Hope Choir”
2. “Amma”
3. “What If We” (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
4. “We Fly a Kite” (feat. Margaret Bennett)
5. “With Us Instead” (feat. Owen Pallett)
6. “Valuables (Intro)”
7. Valuables (feat. doseone and Irvine Welsh)
8. “The Butterfly, the Moon (feat. White Hinterland)”
9.” Seed I (Root, Shoot)”
10. “Seed II (Flare)”
11. “Falling From the Sun” (feat. Jarvis Cocker and Margaret Bennett)