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Watch Femme Lather Up in ‘Fever Boy’ Video

The U.K. pop songwriter will release her debut single next month

Don’t believe everything Femme (a.k.a. Laura Bettinson) says. When she quips “I’m not being funny / I don’t know how to be” on her forthcoming single “Fever Boy,” the British pop darling’s flirty tone indicates she’s just the opposite. Her playful sense of humor shines bright on the self-directed video for “Fever Boy,” which features Bettinson and two “Bullet Girls” lathering a lucky pup in a bathtub. Decked out in shower caps and belted bathing suits, the three girls flick water from pink manicures and flash semi-creepy grins at the camera while the dog shakes its jowls in slow motion. “Fever Boy” drops November 18, alongside “Heartbeat.” Also, grab more Femme knowledge here.

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