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Empty Flowers Go Transcendent on ‘Car Fires (Justin K Broadrick Remix)’

Empty Flowers 'Car Fires (Justin K Broadrick Remix)' Stream

Philly crew Empty Flowers have some friends in high places and it’s not hard to understand why. Their new album Five is a pile-up of wild and heavy ideas — bass-rattling post-punk, storm-bringing post-rock, and sharply honed post-hardcore, with lyrics that zoom in on minute details in order illustrate the bigger scene. It also doesn’t hurt that the band shares members both past and present with the beloved Cable.

The forthcoming remix set The Air You Found speaks volumes as to the group’s influence. Pulling from both Five and Empty Flowers’ 2012 debut Six, the seven-song collection includes revisions by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD), Iconaclass (Dälek, Deadverse), Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia), Crone (Jeff Caxide of Palms and Isis), Michael Hill (Tombs), and Theologian.

Oh, and let’s not forget Justin K Broadrick of Jesu and Godflesh, who can be heard below turning “Car Fires” into a slow-burning thing of blistering beauty and dark transcendence. He takes the original through several phases, building reverb up to the heavens before tearing it all down and plodding forward to a breakbeat-friendly finish.

:audio=0:118751:song:Car Fires (Justin K Broadrick Remix):

Empty Flowers, The Air You Found track list:

1. “Quit (James Plotkin Remix)”
2. “I Get to Know Its Name (Iconaclass/Deadverse Remix)”
3. “Car Fires (Justin K Broadrick Remix)”
4. “Ice on Wings (Crone Remix)”
5. “Fünf (Theologian Remix)”
6. “Call a Priest (Kevin Hufnagel Remix)”
7. “Resonate (Michael Hill Remix)”