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Ellie Goulding Shills for Nokia in Charity Single Video ‘How Long Will I Love You’

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Back in September, Ellie Goulding asked “How Long Will I Love You” with a music video collecting snippets from the upcoming film About Time, starring Rachel McAdams. That clip has since been disabled, but it’s now been replaced with another video. Directed by filmmaker Roger Michell, the new visual for “How Long Will I Love You” serves a few purposes. It promotes Goulding’s song, which is not only a bonus track on her deluxe Halcyon Days, but also the official charity single for the BBC’s Children In Need, a campaign supporting disadvantaged youths in the U.K. The alternate video is also a selection from Michell’s forthcoming short film Tom & Issy, featuring Goulding alongside actor Dylan Edwards. And, finally, the clip is also a shameless advertisement for the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.

These two-and-a-half-minutes offer a quick glimpse at the romantic relationship between Goulding and Edwards’ characters, who are just two good-looking young people in love with each other — and with their camera phone. Look on as they message funny threads back and forth on their Nokia Lumia 1020. Watch them record highlights from a daytime drive in the city with their Nokia Lumia 1020. Oh, did we mention that the new “How Long Will I Love You” video was shot entirely on a Nokia Lumia 1020? No? Well, it’s explicitly stated in the opening credits, so now you know. BRRRRRAAAAWWWWRWRRRMMRMRMMMMM!!! That’s the sound of the Inception sequel, brought to you by the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Watch the piece above. To actually support a good cause, head over to iTunes and pre-order Ellie Goulding’s official charity single.