Drake’s Sick of Being Pigeonholed as That Sad Guy

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Within weeks of Kanye West’s extended sit-down with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, Drake has visited Canada’s Q Radio for an hour-long interview with broadcaster Jian Ghomenshi (formerly of Canadian indie-pop satirists Moxy Früvous). It’s a broad-ranging chat, and it’s often deadly dull; “I’m not enough of a loose cannon,” the Nothing Was the Same rapper-singer acknowledges. Still, one early highlight comes when Drake is asked to address a discrepancy between the melancholy of his instrumentals and the artist’s description of the album as being celebratory.

“There’s a victorious sentiment behind it. The most important thing to understand about this record is the sentiment,” Drake says. “I’m 26, working as hard as I possibly can with my friends that I grew up with, making my family happy.” And then the words start flowing: “I’m so sick of people saying that I’m lonely and emotional, and associating me with this longing for a woman, or” — Ghomenshi interjects, “The sad guy.” — “Yeah, I hate that, man. It bothers me so much. I do make music that makes you feel something. But I’m actually not that guy in real life. I’m very happy. I’m not content by any means, I mean, I want to keep working, but I’m a happy person. I’m very excited. My life is constantly exciting. It’s not some sad, depressing story.”

So there you have it: Drake, not sad. He adds that as far as the soundscapes, “I make my music strictly for the purpose of driving at nighttime.” For happy, exciting nighttime drives, no doubt. Catch him on his upcoming “Would You Like a Tour?” tour, where Future may still be joining him. And imagine children reading Drake’s quotes — he doesn’t seem to curse much here, so the results won’t be as funny as Jimmy Kimmel’s Kanye-baiting sketch, but it still helps liven up the proceedings a bit. Drake also says he prefers to express himself through music rather than interviews or social media, so listening to his records might be another excellent alternative.


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