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Dismemberment Plan Celebrate End of ‘Waiting’ With Goofy Video

Dismemberment Plan, "Waiting," video, 'Uncanney Valley'

The Dismemberment Plan’s appealingly nonchalant reunion has received a video in the same wry spirit. Uncanney Valley, the brainy funk-punk-pop outfit’s first album since 2001’s Change, is out today on Partisan Records. The D-Plan first shared the LP’s “Waiting,” a spry, new-wavey number about the vicissitudes of romance, via a telephone number. Now courtesy of MTV come the colorful, understated visuals, which show Travis Morrison and co. miming the song while dancers communicate with sign language (some of which, since we can understand it, may not technically be ASL). Watch above and work on your own spastic shimmying at home.