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Thanks Obama: Dirty Projectors Hit National Park for ‘Impregnable Question’ Video

Dirty Projectors, "Impregnable Question," video

If both sides of the recent U.S. government shutdown debate could agree on one thing, it was the majesty of America’s national parks. For Dirty Projectors’ sixth and final video from last year’s Essential Swing Lo Magellan, director Adam Newport-Berra shot on location for five days in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The director, who also worked on the New York band’s similarly outdoorsy 2009 “Stillness Is the Move” video, casts his brother Alex as a long-distance runner in a video that’s as straightforwardly touching as the Swing Lo song “Impregnable Question,” where Dave Longstreth sings, “I need you, and you’re always on my mind.” The clip was likely shot ahead of the shutdown, but it’s a kind reminder of our national assets, and what it’s like to actually be able to use them.