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David Longstreth to Play Bartok, Dirty Projectors With Calder Quartet

Dirty Projectors David Longstreth Calder Bela Bartok Met

The constituent parts of Dirty Projectors have been staying busy on their own of late. Amber Coffman, of course, is the bewitching voice on Major Lazer’s still-excellent “Get Free.” We saw Olga Bell play dress-up and take the lead in the video for Nothankyou’s “Oyster.” And Nat Baldwin also recently shared shared some solo material of his own — the collection Dome Branches which included “Look She Said” featuring DPs mastermind David Longstreth. Now, Pitchfork reports that Longstreth will be appearing at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on November 1.

While he won’t be accompanied by his band, the man will hardly be alone. The Calder Quartet, who’ve accompanied everyone from the National to Airborne Toxic Event to Vampire Weekend, will join Longstreth as part of the Bartók Quartet Cycle series. The group is set to perform the music of Béla Bartók, plus new original work and new takes on Dirty Projectors favorites rearranged by Longstreth. The DPs boss has been known for his liberal interpretations of others’ songs in the past (i.e. Black Flag via Rise Above), so expect the pleasantly unexpected.