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Death Grips Pull Out of Fun Fun Fun Fest, Possibly More

MC Ride of Death Grips: he exists!

Death Grips may be back to their old tricks. After a Lollapalooza no-show led to a string of summer show cancellations, the Sacramento noise-rappers defied expectations again and actually showed up at Los Angeles’ late-August FYF Festival as planned. They quietly canceled another scheduled gig, though, at Corona Capital Fest in Mexico City on October 12. Now Austin, Texas’ Fun Fun Fun Fest says Death Grips have removed themselves from that festival’s upcoming bill — and also canceled a planned fall tour.

In a Facebook post from last last night, Fun Fun Fun Fest wrote, “We were hoping to not be a part of this, but unfortunately Death Grips has canceled their entire Fall tour.” Curiously, Death Grips had yet to announce any dates beyond Fun Fun Fun Fest. A rep for Death Grips didn’t immediately respond to an email request for comment.

Given Death Grips’ recent history, no one can exactly be sure what’s going on here. While awaiting the next hijincks from SPIN’s 2012 Artist of the Year, listen to the band’s post-Lolla single “Birds,” or stare at the really large photo of a dick on the cover of the NO LOVE DEEP WEB vinyl.