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Watch Dave Grohl, Jack Black, and Val Kilmer’s Goofy Jam Session

Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Val Kilmer, 'Ghost Ghirls'

How much will the sight of Dave Grohl, Jack Black, and Val Kilmer posing as an undead ’70s country-rock band interest you? Well, how much do you think it will interest you? The trio teams up as Sweetriver & the Huckleberry Dogs for Yahoo! web comedy series Ghost Ghirls, and outside the context of the episode, that basic conceit is the source of the yuks: Grohl drums, Kilmer is the hatted and long-haired frontman, and Jack Black harmonizes from behind a fu manchu. Grohl has a coke-stained nose at one point. Did we mention they were a ’70s rock band? The plot of the episode, according to Yahoo!, involves show regulars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci trying to get the band back together for one last song so they can rest in peace. Sweetriver & the Huckleberry Dogs contribute this Crosby Stills Nash & Young-meets-Allman Brothers-y goof, titled “Back to the Beginning,” and another song called “Georgia Peach” to the show’s soundtrack, available on iTunes.