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Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ Deluxe Set in the Works?

Daft Punk, deluxe edition, New York Comic Con

If Daft Punk are true to their usual mysterious ways, a deluxe-edition box set of this year’s Essential Random Access Memories could be here by the end of the year.

Consider the evidence assembled by fan blog The Daft House. At the recent New York Comic Con, at least one lucky-getting attendee won a golden ticket entitling her to a copy of the deluxe box set, then tweeted about it and shared a legit-seeming photograph. She later tweeted, “So I’m supposed to receive the Daft Punk RAM deluxe box set edition by December 31st BUT IT MIGHT come by thanksgiving!” No official confirmation, of course, but Columbia Records did retweet her initial tweet.

The Daft House speculates a little bit on what a RAM box set might look like, based on previous Columbia sets. The blog’s guess would be one disc of the album plus Japan-only bonus track “Horizon,” a second disc featuring Daft Punk’s remixes of RAM tracks as well as other unreleased material, and a third disc of the various videos associated with the project, including the “Collaborators” series of interviews (we hope they remember Andrew the Pizza Guy).

Sound good to us, but as with Arcade Fire’s likely-looming Brooklyn shows, unconfirmed reports are probably the only kind we’ll have for the time being.