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Marginal Rappers Pull Food-Related Stunts for Fun and Profit

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We’re guessing that at some point in the last couple of years, Coolio took a look at his life, and realized … well, that his legacy roughly amounted to one and a half memorable songs. Because ever since, he’s been laughing and cooking so much, even college bros are starting to wonder if his mind is gone. Above, you’ll find the freshly 50 rapper performing an impromptu acoustic version of “Gangsta’s Paradise” with some coeds at their flat outside of an English university. Let’s all pour a little jungle juice out from our Solo cups.

As it turns out, the man born Artis Leon Ivey Jr. has been cultivating a second career as a celebrity chef, having recently sold off his entire songbook in order to invest in Cookin’ With Coolio, which is both a book for sale on Amazon, and a low-budget web series in which he calls himself “the ghetto gourmet” (not original), wears a bedazzled jacket, and inexplicably shouts “SHAKA!” intermittently. As his new study buddies reported to Reddit, he played a concert in the neighborhood, then invited himself over to shoot a segment of the show:

He was playing a gig in our city [Preston], and a few of my housemates were in the VIP after party. He came back to our house afterwards, and told us that he wasn’t busy that night so would come over and cook us dinner. We had Coolio’s Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn, and Peach Crumble. We also videoed a cooking show (Cookin’ with Coolio). It was just as weird as it sounds.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has returned to his fruitful collaboration with Hot Pockets to record “You Got What I Eat,” a parody of Biz Markie’s 1989 classic “Just a Friend” that casts Sports Illustrated swimsuit alum Kate Upton in the roll of the gruff-voiced off-key chorus-singer. Last time tha Doggfather worked with Andy Milonakis for the spoof, “Pocket Like It’s Hot.” This time, he loops in Bow Wow alongside actor Oliver Cooper (Project X) and Internet comic KevJumba. Oh, and Larry King cameos.

We have no idea what’s going on any more: