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Castratii Warp Reality in ‘The Crawl’ Video

Castratii The Crawl Video Nesting EP Time No Place

Castratii are a mysterious Australian crew with a brutal sound — a forceful collision of shoegaze, industrial, ambient, and darkwave that lands them smack dab in the middle of greater gothdom. It helps, too, that the members cloak themselves in black, shroud their faces, and are prone to wearing Holy Mountain-style hats. Their late-2012 album Eora arrived with a clutch assist from Duke Spirit leader Liela Moss and now they’ve got a fresh five-song EP on the horizon. Nesting arrives November 19 via Time No Place and includes “The Crawl,” a song which is exactly as disturbed as that title would suggest. The track’s shadowy textures, thick layers, and rattling electronics find a visual analog in the Sue-Ling Braun video above, which opens on a man who’s been locked in the trunk of a car and ends with X-Files-like aplomb.