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Broken Bells Tease ‘After the Disco’ Film Starring Kate Mara, Anton Yelchin

Broken Bells After the Disco Angel Fool Short Film Video

At the top of the month, we learned that James Mercer and Danger Mouse’s Broken Bells collaboration is plotting a long-awaited return in the the new year. Now we know that After the Disco will be accompanied by a sci-fi short film starring Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into DarknessTerminator Salvation) and Kate Mara (House of CardsAmerican Horror Story). The Jacob Gentry-directed flick will evidently be pretty substantial, as the prologue above (“Part One: Angel and the Fool”) runs nearly eight minutes.

Therein, we see our protagonist switch back and forth between his workaday reality and an alien dream-scape. While inside of the latter, he meets our heroine — a space woman who seems to have some mysterious connection to the strange spiky pink orb that graced the cover of 2010’s Broken Bells album. Eventually that UFO crosses over into Yelchin’s waking world, and we see a speeding preview of what’s to come. In terms of music, we gets snippets of electronic soul, orchestral scoring, and jaunty folk, plus the words, “Can’t you see me floating.” Look hard enough and you will indeed see our hosts.