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Only Beyonce Looks Amazing While Falling 630 Feet Through the Air

Beyonce Sky Tower Building Jump Video Auckland New Zealand

Beyoncé Knowles has jumped off of a building — Auckland, New Zealand’s Sky Tower, which is made for such things. In the clip above, she suits up, gives the camera a ceremonial, “Effin’ aye!” and then reappears on the edge of an impossibly high structure. She’s reportedly 630 feet up, or 192 meters, when she works her way to the edge and spreads her arms like a human-eagle hybrid who also has the gilded voice of a goddess, plus can do that cool twisty-shake thing with her hands. Queen Bey then gets a little push from the attendant and she’s off, careening toward the urban floor with her hair flying yet still picturesquely tousled at all times. She’s supported by a cable, but the fall is very, very real and she’s gleeful the entire way down, because she’s amazing and fierce and an Emmy-winner also the better half of the richest celebrity couple on earth. Oh, and she can fly.