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Beastie Boys’ Mike D ‘Traps Out’ Portugal. The Man’s ‘Modern Jesus’

Michael Diamond remixes a track from Danger Mouse-produced 'Evil Friends'

Mike D has quietly been getting back to work on new music following the untimely passing of Beastie Boys member Adam “MCA” Yauch last May. Earlier this year, the rapper born Michael Diamond put together a 10-minute piece inspired by trap and hardcore. He and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz also recently combined on a track with Yoko Ono. Now The Fader has posted a remix Mike D did for “Modern Jesus,” from Portugal. The Man’s Danger Mouse-produced new album Evil Friends.

“I knew I wanted to do the song and push it, make it bump more, trap that shit out,” Mr. D is quoted as saying, and c’mon, you know the man speaks truth. Hear the track above, set to a bizarre video of a D publicity still and a pair of hands, ahem, arting that shit out. Sort of random to release this on Halloween but we won’t say boo. Word to trick-or-treaters, though: steer clear of Ad-Rock’s lawn.