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Stream Beachwood Sparks’ Long-Lost ‘Watery Moonlight,’ From Would-Be Debut Album

beachwood sparks, desert skies

West Coast mainstays Beachwood Sparks have been peddling their brand of psychedelic-country since 1997. Story has it that rehearsals for the project began at the intersection of — no joke — Beachwood Drive and Sparks Street in Los Angeles. The six players came from ’90s indie outfits Further and Strictly Ballroom: Brent Rademaker (bass/vocals), Chris Gunst (guitar/vocals), “Farmer Dave” Scher (lap steel/organ/vocals), Josh Schwartz (guitar/vocals), Pete “Sleigher” Kinne (percussion/vocals), and Tom Sanford (drums/vocals). In the years since forming, Beachwood Sparks has gone on to issue three full-length albums, but now a previously unheard record is being pulled from the archives.

On November 26, Alive Natural Sound will share Desert Skies, the group’s long-lost, would-be debut LP that was originally recorded around the same time as their first single, a 1998 track also dubbed “Desert Skies.” The new-old release features a total of eight tracks (12 counting bonus material), including the rootsy “Watery Moonlight,” an organ-enriched tumbler boasting a ’60s psych pedigree. Stream it below, and head over to iTunes to pre-order Desert Skies.