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Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Ticket Prices Hit $5,000 a Pop

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Arcade Fire are playing a pair of not-so-secret shows in Brooklyn this weekend, and as expected tickets sold out immediately after going on sale. Passes became available to the general public at noon on Thursday (via Ticketmaster), and disappeared quicker than the time it takes to watch any one of the band’s superfluous Reflektor teasers. Now, tickets are popping up online, listed at completely absurd prices that are reaching into the thousands of dollars.

As of time of writing, StubHub is offering entry to the Friday, October 18 gig for $220 — and that’s at the low end of the spectrum. Currently, the most expensive Friday tickets available on StubHub are going for $499. 

Fans hoping to see Arcade Fire — who are performing at 299 Meserole Street under the moniker of the Reflektors, in honor of their impending follow-up to 2010’s The Suburbs — on Saturday, October 19 will have to set aside some serious cash. The cheapest Saturday ticket on StubHub also costs $220, but the priciest pair is $5,000. 

Meanwhile, individual scalpers have flooded Craigslist with ads requesting hundreds of dollars. In one (kinda creepy) case, a seller is open to a trade, so long as you’ve got “something else interesting or crazy cool happening in the city” (via Gothamist). 

A few weeks back, frontman Win Butler told the BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe that part of the reason the band dropped so many hints and clues pointing to Reflektor was so that everyone could take part in the long-awaited reveal together. “I remember being a kid and my family watching the ‘Thriller’ video on the TV,” Butler said, “And it being an event and everyone was seeing it at the same time.”

A noble effort, but scalpers have stuck once again, asking for unconscionable amounts of money. Fans everywhere will be able to bask in Reflektor, though, when it drops on October 29 via North Carolina indie-giants Merge Records. For an in-depth preview of the highly anticipated record, read SPIN’s 12 Observations About the New Album After One Listen.