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Arcade Fire Talk Grammy, Haiti Ahead of ‘Reflektor’ Live NPR Concert

Arcade Fire, 'Reflektor,' NPR

Arcade Fire’s busy promotional schedule ahead of tomorrow’s release of the frequently awesome Reflektor is in the home stretch. NPR will air a live performance by the band from Capitol Studios in Hollywood tonight at 10 p.m. EST — catch the show via NPR’s website or on your local NPR station. Leading up to the event, Arcade Fire’s front-couple Régine Chassagne and Win Butler sat down for an interview, which you can hear here.

The two discussed their “genuinely surprising” 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year — Butler said security wouldn’t allow Chassagne into the changing room afterward — as well as how Chassagne’s Haitian roots influenced the album. Outside of an English-language pop and rock context, Butler said, echoing a recent BBC interview, “what you’re left with is rhythm and emotion and melody,” and that’s where the band was trying to start for its new album.

For other Arcade Fire coverage, check out SPIN’s Reflektor review and our list of 40 Rock Bands Who Beat Arcade Fire to the Dance Floor. Also catch video of Arcade Fire’s set from Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit over the weekend, where Young joined the group to perform their new, non-album song self-explanatorily titled “I Dreamed a Neil Young Song.” Maybe they’ll play it tonight, but we’d put our money on “Normal Person” or “Afterlife” instead.