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AlunaGeorge Visit Cuckoo’s Nest for ‘Best Be Believing’ Video

AlunaGeorge, "Best Be Believing," video

AlunaGeorge have a clutch of ace singles to their name, but from across the ocean it looks like the R&B-updating British dance-pop duo is still trying to figure out where to go next. Their debut album, Body Music, doesn’t quite live up to the promise of advance tracks “You Know You Like It,” “Your Drums, Your Love,” and “Just a Touch” — let alone the immaculate Disclosure collaboration “White Noise.”

Latest video selection “Best Be Believing” might be one of the album’s lesser tracks, but it’s still a slickly slinky listen. A recurring lyrical theme involves hearing “voices,” and that might be the jumping-off point for the song’s visuals, which show Aluna Francis and George Reid in a “dance rehabilitation clinic” that looks more like a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-style psych ward. Francis’ considerable charisma comes across, but the clip would be more memorable if it were a little more, well, crazy. Has anyone made a Nurse Ratched/ratchet reference yet?