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Zedd and Hayley Williams Have One Last Fling on ‘Stay the Night’

Zedd Hayley Williams 'Stay the Night' stream

Here’s one the kids are sure to love. Zedd and Paramore’s Hayley Williams have teamed up for what’s sure to be an evening-ending dancefloor hit for anyone looking for a one-night stand. “Stay the Night” is actually about a couple breaking up but staying together for one more night of passion, bearing the oft-repeated chorus: “Are you going to stay the night? / Doesn’t mean we’re bound for life.”

As Zedd recently revealed to MTV, the original idea for the song — which appears on the deluxe edition of his 2012 album Clarity was to have a dude sing lead. “At first we thought it might be better to have a male singer,” the Russian-German DJ said. “But then, since I know Hayley’s voice, we had the idea to use her for the track … I kind of think it’s more sexy and interesting with her singing it.”

The single is available now, the deluxe edition of Clarity is due out September 24, and a video for “Stay the Night” is planned for later this month.