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Watch Yuck Fuzz Up New Order’s Classic ‘Age of Consent’

Yuck New Order Age of Consent Cover Video

London’s Yuck release their second LP Glow & Behold in less than a month, but they’ve still got time for extracurriculars. The shoegaze fourpiece now follow album cuts “Middle Sea” and “Rebirth” with an impromptu cover of New Order’s “Age of Consent,” which appeared on the synthpop greats’ 1983 album, Power, Corruption & Lies. Billed as an “improvised film experiment” by director Michael Lawrence and the band, the black-and-white clip features a single camera that’s constantly on the move, weaving between members and encircling the group while new singer (old guitarist) Max Bloom shows off his chops. This leaner version of Yuck seems no worse for wear fuzzing up the classic track sans Daniel Blumberg, who, to be fair, is doing just fine on his own as well with Hebronix