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The Weeknd and Drake ‘Live For’ a Weak Warehouse Party

Weeknd Drakek Live for video kiss land

As SPIN’s Marc Hogan previously wrote, the Weeknd and Drake’s latest collaboration, “Live For,” feels like a “missed opportunity” given the talent involved. They both seem unhappy with what they live for and what they die for, and most of it seems to be about the kind of ladies fame attracts, a topic that seemingly informs the Weeknd’s new album Kiss Land.

And now comes the video for this ode to wealth, women, and stardom. Rather than some club-set action, the Toronto pals take to an abandoned warehouse that gives off a vibe reminiscent of the climactic battles in Predator 2. Maybe their parties are so exclusive that only the two of them can get in? If so, let them have each other. We will give the Weeknd credit, though — at least he released a full video, as opposed to Drizzy’s 30-second album trailer. Check it out above and stream Kiss Land now.