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Vic Mensa’s ‘Lovely Day’ Involves Supersoakers and a ‘Pound of Herb’

Vic Mensa, "Lovely Day," 'Innanetape'

We already knew Vic Mensa loves “Orange Soda,” and thanks to his new video for “Lovely Day,” we now know he also likes shooting it out of Super Soakers. The rising Chicago rapper’s latest track and accompanying visuals from his upcoming INNANETAPE shed light on what it’s like to spend 24 hours with him, hanging with friends and ladies and going for a fully clothed swim, all enhanced by a “pound of herb.” It might not be your definition of a lovely day, but there’s no denying that the former Kids These Days member knows how to have a good time. Sonically, the track has a poppier lean to it than the SAVEMONEY MC’s previous cuts, with rapidfire verses over a sunny soul sample, but that doesn’t mean it’s a total departure from “YNSP” and “Time Is Money.” Check out the video above and cop INNANETAPE on September 30.