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Twin Shadow Bathes Bruce Springsteen in Fog for ‘I’m on Fire’ Video Cover

Twin Shadow covers Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s classic 1985 single “I’m on Fire” has been a favorite cover choice over the past few years for artists of a certain moody, atmospheric ilk — Chromatics and Bat For Lashes come to mind. Adding to this minor legacy is Twin Shadow, who recently sung a version of the song for the second installment of his Under the Cvrs series. George Lewis, Jr.’s version doesn’t deviate much from the original — he strips away the guitars and uses blocky electronic drums, but the core of the track (misty keyboards, brooding vocals) remains the same.

In the clip above, he stands in darkness in front of a single soft, square light for the duration of the song, with the exception of one cut to a short, grainy shot of a ghostly man in a flowing hooded robe. With Under the Cvrs, Twin Shadow is soliciting requests from his fans. For the first video of the series, he covered 10cc’s “Not in Love.” Lewis, Jr. has been quiet for most of 2013 after last year’s Confess, but he did debut a new song while on tour earlier this year.