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Stream Those Darlins’ Tough and Seductive ‘Blur the Line’

Those Darlins

Those Darlins shed their clothes for the cover art to their upcoming third album (and have shared two NSFW music videos, one for “Oh God” and another for “Optimist”), but now the Nashville outfit have really bared it all. Days ahead of its October 1 release, the Blur the Line LP is streaming in its entirety right here at SPIN. The follow-up to 2011’s Screws Get Loose serves up 12 songs that nod to the band’s country roots while carefully navigating the gender divide — per an official statement, “it’s Those Darlins’ ability to balance and love both the masculine and feminine powers (as all great rock does) that gives them potency.” They snarl, “We belong in the wilderness,” on one song, and mourn, “That man don’t want me,” on the next. 

“These songs reveal a stronger Those Darlins,” the foursome wrote on Facebook, “Unafraid of revealing who we are and striving to make our own noise.” Stream all of Blur the Line below and place pre-orders through iTunes or the official Those Darlins webstore.