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Mac Miller Sings on the Internet’s Streaming ‘Feel Good’ Album

The Internet 'Feel Good' Full Album Stream Odd Future

Odd Future’s e ver-evolving neo-soul division the Internet has returned in full force with Feel Good. The group founded by Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians, who delivered the slinky Purple Naked Ladies in 2011, now have an entire band at their disposal. Also: the production prowess of the Neptunes (Chad Hugo’s touch can be heard on “Dontcha”) and Incubus guitarist Mike Eizinger who, it turns out, has got a lot more going on than his pedigree would imply.

Our first taste of the group’s sophomore effort came with “Partners in Crime Part Two,” but now we can turn our ears to the mellifluous business of exploring all 13 tracks, from the gushy “Sunset” featuring Malaysia’s Yuna to “Wanders of the Mind,” starring a sorta-singing, likely stoned Mac Miller. Stream the entire gorgeously woozy affair below. Miller will be joining Flying Lotus, ScHoolboy Q, Frank Ocean, and the usual wolves at the Odd Future Carnival in November.