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Stream the Field’s Sublime ‘Cupid’s Head’

The Field (Axel Willner)

We hope that your typical Thursday schedule allows for an uninterrupted hour in the Lay-Z-Boy, because Kompakt has just made the Field’s upcoming album, Cupid’s Head, streaming in full. To tweak a phrase from the Swedish techno-dreamweaver himself, from here we go horizontal.

Cupid’s Head is Axel Willner’s fourth studio album under the Field alias; early in 2012, he also released the Krautier, dronier And Never Ending Nights as Loops of Your Heart. Willner came on the scene in 2007 with From Here We Go Sublime, a sun-kissed take on ambient pop that flipped Lionel Richie samples into frictionless after-hours bliss; for Yesterday and Today and Looping State of Mind, he turned to a full band to give his smeary disco extra heft. On Cupid’s Head, Willner goes solo once again, and it sounds like it; it’s not hard to imagine him up to his elbows in a tangle of patch cords, given the album’s layered synthesizers and drum machines. The music is denser and darker than ever before; as he told FACT, “I wanted to keep it more like From Here We Go Sublime — raw, and not too polished.” Fortunately, nothing the Field does is ever too unpolished; the album cover may be black, but the music is flooded with light. As ever, the loop reigns supreme, with strips of voice tumbling out of the mix like ribbons falling away from a velvet-lined box. Kick back and treat yourself right now.