Small Black Kill Summer Dead With Genuinely ‘Breathless’ Video

Small Black 'Breathless' Video Limits of Desire

If Small Black’s recent tour diary for SPIN taught us one thing, it’s that America is a strange and photogenic place. If “Two-Lane Blacktop” unveiled an additional truth, it’s that the four Brooklyn boys have a hankering for adventure. Fittingly, their music — an epic evolutionary development in the chillwave continuum (revisit “Free at Dawn”) — sounds like time passing in a beautiful, colorful gush. Or like the day fading into the night, or perhaps even the summer drifting into the fall.

The group’s latest, Limits of Desire, is out now on Jagjaguwar, but it’s still delivering gifts. Back in June we had the video for “No Stranger” — a romantic fantasy whose tone was intimate and insular. Now we have the Nick Bentgen-directed visual for “Breathless,” which is just as romantic but instead goes wide, following the actions of a handful of beautiful young people doing patently youthful things with a general air of invincibility.

There are road trips and whipping hair, make-out sessions and night swims, bonfires, backflips, blunts, breaking and entering, and even a little bit of rodeo thrown in. It isn’t all pretty (there will be blood), but it is altogether awesome to witness all of that bucking against the inevitable intrusion of reality.


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