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Schwarz and Mabson Abuse the ’90s on ‘Real Trap S—t Mix Vol 1: Ratchet Muthaz (1992-2002)’

Behold all your favorite VH1-friendly hits, reborn as twerk anthems

Earlier this week, Baltimore’s Schwarz and Los Angeles’s Kyle Mabson released this nutty mix of trap- and twerk-tinged adjustments to ubiquitous ’90s hits by Third Eye Blind, Filter, the Cranberries, Vanessa Carlton, Natalie Imbruglia, Sixpence None the Richer, and Natalie Merchant. Rubbery trap-claps augment Dolores O’Riordan’s “doot doo doo doo” chant from “Ode to My Family”; meanwhile, pretty much every infamous DJ drop makes an appearance at some point: Juicy J’s “Play me some pimpin’, man”; the “Maybach Music” lady; gunshots, air raid sirens, and that goofy white dude grunting out, “Real trap s—t,” even. It’s all here. When Third Eye Blind’s somber anti-suicide song “Jumper” moves to its maudlin, march-like breakdown, Mabson throws those bed-squeak sounds from Trillville’s “Some Cut” (and, more recently, Wale’s “Bad”) underneath, and you know what, man? It works!

Schwarz jokingly called this mix a “thinkpiece” on Facebook, but the trick here is how it gives you the visceral appeal of trap and twerk remixes while laughing them off as well. One of the Soundcloud tags on this thing is “Duncan Sheik Pandora,” for chrissakes. It’s a post-Miley purge from two hilarious but very serious producers, one responsible for one of SPIN’s Best Songs of 2013 So Far (“U R Beautiful”), and the other, this batshit-crazy Miley “We Can’t Stop” remix project. Check out Real Trap Shit Mix Vol 1: Ratchet Muthaz (1992-2002) below.