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Hear ScHoolboy Q Get Crunk on ‘Banger (MOSHPIT)’

ScHoolboy Q, Banger, Moshpit, crunk, TDE, Top Dawg Entertainment

ScHoolboy Q acknowledges that his new single “Banger (MOSHPIT)” is an outlier right in its title: The weed chimney is here to crack some heads. Of course, the concept isn’t totally foreign to Q — he has explored this territory on tracks like “NigHtmare on Figg St.” — but “Banger (MOSHPIT)” is less a conceptual exercise than a stylistic one. This is about the ScHoolboy Q version of a crunk song: Driven by a muffled guitar riff and banging toms, Q raps with glee about almost cartoonish levels of violence (“ya skull missing, homie, now feel the breeze”). Don’t forget that Lil Jon himself rapped explicitly about moshing.

“Banger (MOSHPIT)” follows the Kendrick Lamar collab “Collard Greens” — which they recently performed on Arsenio — and where Q’s Habits & Contradictions was often a record of stoned introspection, his major-label debut Oxymoron is shaping up to be something more of a party record. The album does not yet have a release date, but you can consult our 2013 Fourth-Quarter Rap Album Probability Index for our take on when it might see the light of day.