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Royal Headache Stream Hook-Slinging ‘Stand and Stare’ Single

royal headache, matador records

Back in June, Royal Headache followed their self-titled debut album with a 7-inch single as part of Matador Records’ “Singles Going Home Alone” subscription series. Since then, the Sydney-reared Best New Artist alums have made the two-track release available on their Bandcamp page, where it’s currently available for purchase. Led by the sweetly scruffy “Stand and Stare” and backed by the furiously writhing “Give It All to Me,” the short-player either underlines the foursome’s power-pop-by-way-of-hardcore aesthetic, or serves as a clear-eyed introduction, depending on your familiarity with these hook-savvy Aussies. Stream both tracks below, and head over to Royal Headache’s Bandcamp to grab the sweaty twofer.